Carlos Camacho By Carlos Camacho November 05, 2017

On August 1, drone manufacturer DJI presented a new indoor drone track called “DJI Arena”. In the DJI Arena, drone pilots can gain experience and play in this new and beautiful track.


Dronepilots can use the arena for no more than 14 dollars each 3 hours. To avoid collisions, up to 12 pilots can fly at the same time.


The DJI Arena is indoor so that you can always fly. Does not have to take into account the rules for uncovered flights. Next to the arena there is also a workshop where the pilots can perform small maintenance on their drone.


The DJI Arena is also accessible to spectators. A special space has been created where spectators can watch live the FPV cameras on LCD TVs. In addition, there is also a place where people can learn more about the drone technology.

FPV Racing

The track is equipped with various LED illuminated gates and special starting blocks. Despite the fact that the DJI drones are mainly made for aerial photography, the drone manufacturer now seems to focus on FPV racing. It is therefore possible that the drone manufacturer may soon be presenting a FPV race.

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