Press By Press November 09, 2017

One of the great wonders of the drone racing world is the satisfaction that anyone can build his own custom drone. But if you are an impatient pilot you can go straight to the action that is getting a RTF drone.

Today’s article is dedicated to those who simply like to experience the adrenaline of flying, but do not like at all the idea of having to build their own drone from scratch.

Top 5 RTF (ready-to-fly) racing drones.

It is important to point out each one of these racing drones as they fulfill the following basic requirements, durability, velocity, maneuverability and a simple design to facilitate the installation of spare parts either for repairs or improvement.

  1. Walkera Runner 250: One of the classics in the drone racing world, it was one of the first ready-to-fly models in the market and even today is among the best performers with one of the best quality/price ratios.

    This is one of the drones that comes with everything included, a carbon fiber chassis, engines, propellers, a Devo 7 transmitter, a 800 TVL camera, and a 25C lipo 3S battery. The Walkera Runner 250 has a signal range of 1 kilometer and is capable of reaching a velocity of 40 Km/hr.

  2. Nighthawk Pro 280: An excellent choice for a ready to fly racing drone because is one of the few drones that can guarantee optimum agility thanks to its carbon fiber chassis and its powerful 1300 KV engines that provides a great reaction capacity.

    It also includes a Skyline 32 controller and has a complete FPV system with a 700 TVL camera, so the only thing you must buy separately are the goggles, batteries and the transmitter.

  3. Immersion RC Vortex 250 PRO: The ideal model to stop being a newbie in the racing world. It counts with a carbon fiber chassis, arms, controller and other components; it also includes a black box that registers telemetry data and a support base to install a GoPro camera or any other action camera available in the market.

    It is more expensive previous models but definitely worth it. The only thing you're gonna have to buy separately is a battery pack up to 4S and the transmitter/receiver of the radio the signal.

  4. Falcon 250 FPV: This drone fits into the good and cheap category, is the most inexpensive model in our list, but paradoxically turns out to be one of the most complete and powerful drones.

    Created by Eachine, this drone has a carbon fiber chassis, powerful 2300 KV engines with 20A ESC which allow it to reach great speeds during matches; it has a CC3D controller, a 700 TLV camera ready to be set to your FPV system and a FlySky FS-i transmitter with its suitcase.

  5. TILT X8: To close with this top 5 list we have included a high-end racing drone, the most expensive in the list.

    The TILT X8 has several advantages that will take your breath away, for example, it allows you to control the engines tilt, its fuselage can be customized and manufactured by a 3D printer. This model is capable of reaching a velocity of 100 KM/HR in just 4 seconds and a maximum velocity of 110 KM/HR. Its integrated battery allows for a flight autonomy of 8 minutes and counts with an FPV camera of 600 TVL coupled with a 32 channel transmitter.

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