Press By Press November 27, 2017

Last year the New York Company Autonomous decided to revolutionize the world of drone racing by offering a complete and inexpensive initiation kit. We are talking about the ‘Drone Racing Game’, a package with all you need to set your own race circuit with the ability to play online against other players who have purchased the kit.

What does the Drone Racing Game kit contain?

There are available two pack on the market, the Pro Version which includes 2 race drones (black and white) with the following specifications:

  • HD camera.
  • WiFi connection.
  • Controllers with FPV support.
  • Mobile application.

In addition to all of this, both drones have a flight autonomy of about 6 - 7 minutes, a range that exceeds the 100 meters, a 30 cm frame, a 500 mAh battery and a total recording time of 30 minutes. And the best of all is its total price of 99 USD.

The second package is the Ultimate Version; it comes with FPV goggles, nine flags that serve as obstacles and 50 cones. The price difference is only 50 more dollars but it is worth paying this difference.

How the concept of the Drone Racing Game was born?

As we said at the beginning of this article, the idea of the ‘Drone Racing Game’ starter’s package emerged in the middle of last year. Actually, it was a crowdfunding project launched by the Indiegogo web platform. The goal of the developers of Autonomous was to reach the sum of 10.000 USD but when they found themselves surpassing the amount in less than one month, they decided to raise the stakes and try to collect 80.000 USD to include an extra battery.

Nowadays, it is already available in the market, also, they created a big competition for this brand, meaning that Autonomous has exceeded all its expectations and has catapulted themselves as one of the largest businesses in the world of race drones.

Guest writer