Press By Press December 06, 2017

Just a few days ago these FPV goggles came on the market and they are giving a lot to talk about, especially because it is a piece of equipment with some specifications that can leave anyone breathless.

We are talking about FPV goggles with a resolution of 1280x720 with the receiver and an HDMI connection. Not to mention its 42º FOV which is equivalent to that of an 80” TV, that is, an accessory that will take anyone to fully immerse in the multicopter cockpit.

###Content of the FPV TopSky F7X goggles package

The TopSky company, responsible for the development, sale, and distribution of the goggles has decided to provide race drone lovers with a high-quality product. Just by opening the package is enough to feel satisfied with the purchase.

The goggles come inside of a plastic case with a padded pouch which brings the necessary protection to transport them with total comfort and without fear of scratching them along the way. In addition, the company has included a 2200mAh Li-Po battery without balancing cable.

Other accessories that come with the kit are:

  • A receiver and its antenna (RP-SMA).
  • Charger.
  • A red strap to keep our goggles attached to our head.
  • A MicroHDMI-MiniHDMI cable.
  • A foam faceplate with Velcro.
  • A cable to connect the goggles to external receivers.
  • A suede cloth.

Quality analysis of the FPV TopSky F7X glasses.

Like all new products that come out to compete in the market, these FPV goggles have their pros and cons.

In one hand we have the faceplate or goggles display, which is very comfortable but maybe some people feel that it is difficult for them to breathe when they wear it. On the other hand, this display is made out of plastic and not foam, which causes discomfort in the face after a while.

The company has thought that this inconvenience can be solved with an extra faceplate made out of foam, which we must adhere to our goggles, but this instead of making the experience more pleasant ends up making it much more uncomfortable.

As for the image quality, we can say without fear of being wrong that the TopSky F7X are among the best FPV goggles delivering the best image resolution on the market. However, the only criticism we make and for which we could not find a solution, is that PCs do not recognize them, and that is why it has not been possible to verify the quality on the screen.

Conclusion: The TopSky F7X goggles are the ideal accessory if you are just getting started in the FPV world because they offer you many advantages and components at a very low price. None the less, if you already have experience with FPV systems, then the logical path you should take is to buy some FatShark goggles, which still are the best FPV products in the market.

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