Press By Press December 07, 2017

One of One of most difficult parts of a drone race is the timing system to measure laps times. As we know, in the world of sports and especially in the world of racing, time measuring is a very important factor, especially when it comes to establishing world records.

Not long ago, transponders were the only devices used to measure times; which are sensors emitting a signal captured a codec placed in the start line.

The LapRF personal timing system.

In June of this year, the time measuring for drone races changed drastically, all thanks to the ImmersionRC Company which created a device to measure times without the need of adding a transponder to the drone.

To obtain the time data ImmersionRC has an application compatible with both Android and IOS systems, allowing to configure how many competitors will be in the race, together with the Tx-Rx video configuration.

Advantages and features of the LapRF personal timing system.

Up until now, this device has not left anyone indifferent because it seems that its only limitation is the number of pilots that can be associated with it in a race, an issue that can be quickly corrected with more LapRFs on the runway.

Among its great advantages, we have that it has a Bluetooth port, that can be easily linked to any Bluetooth device. Once linked and specified the name and channel of each pilot, the application will show the flight times next to the name of each competitor.

The most relevant feature is that it doesn’t need any transponder attached to the drone, this is achieved by measuring the video signal strength.

Regarding the specifications we have the following:

2600mAh integrated battery: It has a built-in battery chargeable thru a USB port.

Custom timing receivers: The ImmersionRC team designed a custom receiver module that adapts to the different power levels of each drone on the runway.

Compatible with Connex ProSight: Although if ImmersionRC products are analog-based devices it’s also compatible with digital technologies like the ProSight CONNEX units.

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