Press By Press January 02, 2018

If you are new to drone racing, you may be wondering if this is for you. Well, in reality the only way to know if this could be a hobby that you would find amusing or if it could catch your interest to the point that you would seriously dedicate to become a drone pilot, is to get yourself behind a radio control and put on the FPV goggles.

In fact, a very important part of this experience is provided by the equipment that we use, none the less, it is common to avoid making a large investment at the beginning because we don’t know if this is a simple curiosity, if it will be a passing hobby or if on the contrary, it will become the passion to which we will dedicate our free time, so forth it’s not advisable to purchase equipment that after all, we don’t know how to use it in this experimental phase. That’s why you can find in the market something called initiation drones, so that people who are just beginning to familiarize with this experience could do it without expending a lot of money.

What are initiation drones?

Initiation drones are inexpensive multicopters that possess a thicker and more durable chassis in comparison than those used in racing drones, their components and spare parts are simpler to replace and easy to find.

The main purpose of these initiation models is to withstand all the mistreatment delivered by an inexperienced pilot. In general, when learning to pilot drones, it is fairly common to perform emergency landings, to crash our drone against any obstacle or simply lose control and crash it to the ground.

Better initiation drones for non-pilots

It is important to know that there are several initiation drone models and that each one of them will present a certain degree of difficulty for the novel pilot. Though the most recommended models for beginners are those with a high flight stability, resistance to impacts and low price. So when it comes to drones that fulfill these three criteria, we recommend the following models:

Syma X5C: This is the initiation drone by excellence, so much so that is the best selling model on Amazon. It has a 2 megapixel HD camera attached to it that renders fairly good images, besides its flight stability is enviable and is strong enough to survive the most common accidents for a pilot with few flight hours.

Syma X5HC: A model with more advanced features than the previous one, for instance, it has an altitude leveling system that allows us to keep our drone steady at a constant hight from the floor without the need to maintain pressure over the joystick lever.

Syma X5UC: Last but not least, we have a model for those who want to live the experience of flying a drone in failsafe mode, since this little friend not only offers the same features of the last 2 but also has an automatic landing and take off system, so won't have any accident due to a forced landing.

Don’t wait any longer and start training to become an expert drone racing pilot!

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