Carlos Camacho By Carlos Camacho January 13, 2018

The initial idea of LibreFPV arises from the need to design and build FPV glasses that allow have a design, modular and enough flexible so that it can be used in other solutions like HMD.

Frontal view

The front view shows that it will be a design compact, with two individual screens, one for each eye. Having a compact design will allow them to be left put on not flying.

Rear view

The overall design will have to have lateral space to add components, also access to the video recorder, standard strap, fan, among others.

LibreFPV features


  • Light and comfortable, for not having a single screen larger.
  • Easy to focus, since it will have a mechanism of adjusting both focus and interpupillary distance.
  • Easy to carry because it has a compact size.


  • Extremely high cost compared to the box glasses, this condition must be corrected.
  • It will not work with glasses, most FPV glasses need additional diopter correction.
  • Usually, a field of vision smaller than the box glasses.
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