Firefly PRO - A 3D printed race drone DIY

Firefly PRO - A 3D printed race drone

This is the all new Firefly Pro. Its a 250 size quad designed for the racetrack. In this stubborn you will find all the information necessary to build the frame of the Firefly Pro.

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Ultrabase CR-10 Mini DIY Prototypes Guides

Ultrabase CR-10 Mini

In the following article we will install an Anycubic Ultrabase to a Creality CR-10 Mini clone. The heated bed that this 3D printer has by default it is a regular/bad quality heated bed. In this cas...

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Firefly - Printable Race Drone DIY Unboxing

Firefly - Printable Race Drone

Ever wanted a cool looking 3d printed race drone?. With this DIY tutorial you can build your own fully equipped racing quad with folding arms and excellent flying characteristics. You can get all t...

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Splitshark DIY Prototypes Sticky


Today we present a 150mm race drone with 3” propellers. This is a small build based in a Splitshard frame together with a RunCam Plit 2 FPV camera.

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