FPV systems have appeared in the last 10 years, this growing flight trend takes aspects such as beauty, energy of flying, piloting, driving a boat and brings it together in a relatively safe and less expensive package. For many, this is the description of flying radio control models. However, until recently, installing an FPV system was time consuming and required many technical skills.

FPV goggles have become very popular in recent years among drone pilots due to the strong immersion in the flight experience they offer. For this, the glasses have two small screens that project the images received from the camera located on board the aircraft. This type of monitoring allows the pilot to maintain control of the device even when there is no direct line of sight (BLOS), being able to observe the images captured by the drone camera at all times.

LibreFPV is a project that will allow modeling, prototyping and constructing high quality FPV glasses at a reduced production cost.