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Advanced professional drone pilot license

To be able to carry out aerial work it is necessary to complete a theoretical training (available online), and a training practice that includes training flights. This last part is 100% face-to-face.

Mobus facilitates the complete course in one of its multirotor to € 650, a round number and no small print.

However, if you have some type of flight license, it is very likely that you have validated the theoretical part.

It consists of a total of 60 hours. Although the course can be done online, 10% of the training must be face-to-face. This part is carried out in the facilities of the ATO "Flyschool", our collaborating entity in the issuance of the license.

The training program that is given to obtain the certificate is as follows:

  • Legislation
  • Human Factors in the RPAs
  • Operational Procedures
  • Navigation and interpretation of Maps
  • Performance of the Aircraft
  • Communication and Phraseology
  • General Knowledge of the Aircraft
  • Meteorology
  • ATC knowledge
  • Advanced Communications

In order for the ATO to issue the certificate, an APTO in the official examination will be necessary. Once finished this part you can start with practical training.

It consists in turn of two parts, a theoretical part that goes into details of the world of the multirotor and its operation and another part in which the flight maneuvers are performed. The courses are taught by an active military pilot and a team of professors specialized in the technical sector.

Day 1

  • General description of the multi-rotor
  • Introduction to the mechanics of drones
  • Operation of the station
  • Flight modes
  • Emergency procedures
  • Limitations and legal framework

Day 2

  • Practice of the maneuvers required according to the multirotor program in accordance with Royal Decree-Law 8/2014, art. 50.5.
  • Practical test.

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